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 About us


Family private group, dedicated to language teaching since 1989.


Our mission is to help in the educational process of young people through language teaching: organizing trips and stays abroad, camps; and promoting mobility programs for students, encouraging cultural exchange.


ELA's goals are to drive communication and language teaching, as well as cohabitation, awareness and interculturality within the framework of the procedures established by the European Union by the year 2020.


Our task is social and humanist. Our mission is to help in the training process of our youngsters, so that they can get solid knowledge and skills, by thinking they are the future; and wondering, in fact, what do we wish for our society. We want well trained people, capable, discerning and with moral and dignity.


In a globalized world, absolutely competitive and sometimes dehumanized, we need to lay the most solid foundations to ensure a viable and sustainable future. Our youngsters need to be able to develop their potential, which is a lot, and we want to take part in this vital process, not only for the person, but for the entire society.                


Josep, supervisor

Skype josepmagrane


        Eva, talents recruiter