Mediterranean climate is moderate with no extreme temperatures. Catalonia has a great variety of different landscapes very close to each other and therefore different microclimates. There are mountains on the Pyrenees (at the border with France), green hills on north of the country, farmlands on the west and beaches on the east.






Weather in Autumn


In most of the parts of Catalonia it doesn't get too cold until mid-October. The temperatures will cool down to 15-20 degrees around the end of the October and the beginning of November, when it usually starts raining. In the interior of the country and on mountain areas the temperatures are in general lower than on the other parts of Catalonia.


Weather in Winter


The average winter temperatures around Barcelona are 8-12 degrees. It is usually a cold and rainy season (not icy though) and the humidity level is high since the city is located near the sea. The coldest months are January and February but it seldom freezes. However, cities in the interior of the country will be colder, with possibility of snow during winter months and you might face temperatures that are below 0 degrees.



Weather in Spring 


Spring is usually warm in Catalonia, with temperatures from 15 degrees in March till 25 degrees in June.

Nevertheless, it is still chilly so we suggest that you bring warm clothing and rainwear. Don't forget to bring an umbrella!


Some people start going to the beach for Easter holidays (March/April)! Even though the water is still cold to take a swim, going for a walk on the beach, riding your bike or simply sunbathing is very appealing.


In the springtime the sun is not so heavy and you can enjoy the warm climate of the city. You will be able to "tapear" outdoors in the bar terraces, get rid of the winter coat and have a soft-drink at night.


Besides, in springtime it is also celebrated the festival of Sant Jordi (23th April) that coincides with the World Book Day. Even though it isn't a holiday, Sant Jordi is a big celebration in Barcelona. It is customary to give books and roses as presents to your friends and family. The city gets full of book stands and bookstores decorated with flowers.


It's a day of happiness in Barcelona and in the last couple of years the weather was sunny. If it keeps being sunny on this day you will be able to enjoy yourself walking through the numerous stands located in the streets of the city and buy some books!


This city is filled with parks and public gardens that, together with the great climate, will make you jump out of the sofa and spend night and day going all over its beautiful streets.


Springtime is definitely one of the best moments to visit Barcelona.


Recommendations to prepare your luggage


You don't need to bring towels, nor sheets. 


You will receive a pocket dictionary with your welcome pack, so no need to carry that weight.


Dress code is casual or business casual, the way you feel more comfortable.


Take a note that you are going abroad for a period which may include Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. You will need clothes for different seasons: jeans, jumpers, a jacket and a scarf, t-shirts, a tracksuit and a swimsuit at least.